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About us

Thanks for being interested to know about SUPERKING Well, we have a bunch of game lovers related to every sport and who want to present other game lovers an experience like never before. We worked day in and a day out to come up with this delightful experience of watching contests. Now, we would like to welcome you to be a part of SUPERKING, the fastest growing family for game lovers of this modern era.

Sports mean that it describes the spirit of our company. We are a website that offers a place for true game lovers a chance to fulfill their needs. Our aim is to boost the skillset of our users to play many types of games in a 100% completely secured environment.

SUPERKING is India`s fastest growing games website, developed for sports fans, particularly for the game’s fans of India! We believe that SUPERKING is not only a chance for our users to earn enormous cash prizes but also make watching the matches with twice the level of excitement.

Using this application will not only change the way you watch contests but also make you achieve winnings almost every day. So, let’s get the winning journey start. SUPERKING is truly a superb platform for game lovers. Let it make your habit to win.