Superking FANTASY CRICKET Fair Play

1. Honesty & Clarity (transparency)

Defined Player Credits

The credits needed to choose a player are fixed for each specific contest. The price for any player will not be changed based on the performance or the player’s real-life team at the time of a particular contest.

Time limit

Super King started the time limitation of the beginning time for the official match. Any team has no right to modify the time limit of the related contest. The time limit is to put in the place to confirm the ongoing level playing field for the users.

Challenger Tracker

You can handily transfer the composition of each team in your contest in 1-click. Simply attends the ‘My Contests’ tab and you’ll see a transfer icon. Click on this and you’ll be ready to read and save all groups therein contest. This feature permits you to stay track of your competition and never have to be compelled to worry concerning any changes in anyone’s team deadline.

Identical Chance

Every user in picking a fantasy team for any game is given with the same budget of 100 credits. Users have the reach to the database of players and they are connected to the same rules while choosing the composition of their team. Like the limitation on the number of batsmen, wicket-keeper, bowlers, and all-rounders, and this limitation also placed on players who can be chosen from the real team.

Winner Announcement

We like to see your victory. To make sure that you can play each game by competing to other users with confidence, Super King has made a system for Fair Play:

  • We had made a system by which calculating points is transparent and displayed on Super King platforms.
  • The applicable payables are clearly stated for each contest winner.
  • We made the process to credit any winning to the user account immediately.

Scores for each match are taken from accurate scoring feeds provided by a third-party service provider’s team.

2. Faith

Honest and True Members

We try to ensure that our users are only real and true who are playing on Super King. To make it best, we have made some strict rules to check any rule-breaking of Fair Play. to do any draw outs of their winnings, the user needs to verify his accounts and their valid ID proof, PAN card, and bank account details. These details are verified with the respective authorities.


Super King platform is for talented users as we presented the services as per Indian Law. There are no shortcuts for any winnings. To know more about the legal policy please visit our page that contains the information about all legality.

Easy Communication

We have made the communication service easy for our users to know their queries timely for immediate action. We realize that easy communication to our users build trust and provide safety.

Secure Pay

Payment gateways are secure with 3-D safe authentication to confirm the safety of all transactions as this work is done with the coordination of a trusted third party.

Staff Member Limitations

A staff member of Super King is restricted to involve or take part in any paid contests on our platforms.

3. Responsibility

Security for user’s info

Our user provides their important documents like PAN card, Bank Account details, and other ID proofs as they trust us. We are more grateful and value this trust at a high level. Our user’s information is only used for verification and never share with any outsiders.

Responsible Play

  • Any time we find that our users lost their earning more than ₹ 25,000 so we inform them regarding it (For Indian users only).
  • Users who are minors (below 18 years) are not allowed to play in cash matches on Super King.
  • We restrict users to take part more than 500 to cash contests in one match.

No Cash Deal

We do not permit cash deals on Super King.