Superking FANTASY CRICKET Features

The game of skills can be defined as a game wherein the skills of the individuals participating in any online sports gaming play a dominant role rather than the mere luck of the individuals.

The Main Features are as follows

1. Welcome Bonus

Get the excitement rolling and sign up for our service at Super King to be eligible for a welcome bonus after making the first deposit in your Super King wallet.

2. Daily Contest

Experience the thrill with regular contests and get the entire contest listing from contest type of entry fee, total winning amount, and team counts for a particular match with details.

3. Push Notification

Receive the delivery of information anytime, anywhere using this advance option push notification. It sends alerts to the customer to notify them about the upcoming matches.

4. User-friendly

You will get an engaging experience after using our user-friendly system. It allows you to access our services in the simplest way.

5. Live Score Updates

Get all the match updates at our live score screen and enjoy the game highlights, expert reports, and easy access to all the match related information.

6. Real-time Analytics

Possess complete access to real-time tracking information, which is continually stored and updated to offer the current match info.

7. Domestic Match Update

Catch up with all the domestic matches and get a real-time update of players, matches, and live updates of all the domestic matches with an updated score.

8. Secure Online Transaction

Our secure payment gateway integration will help you make a smooth online money transaction across the globe and will offer the utmost security.

9. 24/7 Customer Support

Experience the expertise of our skilled customer support agents. They offer seamless communication and transparent services while providing 24/7* customer support.

10. Earn Rewards

Level up your game and increase the chances to earn better rewards. The more you play, the more you get the opportunity to earn maximum rewards.

11. Referral Bonus

Invite your friends to play and win, and get the opportunity to earn Referral Bonus by sharing the website or mobile app link using your referral code. For every verified user, you refer to; you will get a referral bonus.

12. Instant Withdrawal

Users, who have collected more than ₹ 5000 their registration to their accounts of Super King, will be qualified for the Instant Withdrawal. The information related to the PAN card and Bank account of the user should be checked with Super King for Instant Withdrawal.