Superking FANTASY CRICKET Hacking Awareness

Super king is very much careful about its user and their information provided on the Super King platform. The security system is very high-tech that is not possible to hack by anyone. But there are some loopholes which are from the user’s side. Hence, we are providing safe ways to protect your account. Please follow these rules to keep your account safe from Hackers.

Do not share your OTP or Password with anyone

The customer care team or any team member will never ask for your OTP or Password, so please never share or provide your OTP or Password with anyone, not even with your friends.

Create a Strong Password and Change it Time to Time

Changing password timely is the necessary step to protect your account from hackers. Please follow the steps to save your password.

Step1: Keep it Diverse

While making any password use uppercase and lowercase both alphabets, also add numbers & symbols.

Step2: Don’t keep it Personal

Never use your personal information like names, date of birth, etc. for making account password.

Step3: Make it Long

The minimum recommended length is 8 characters and remember it that longer passwords are always harder to crack.

Step4: Make it Different

Always make different and unique passwords for every website.

Beware of fake customer care calls and Messages

Many times you received calls from any customer care numbers by hearing that you won a surprise gift or prize for any contest, etc. these are all fake calls. Same as hackers are applying the trick to hack the account details like some people spreading fake customer care numbers of Super king on WhatsApp, YouTube, True caller, or Facebook. Our customer care members are only on the platform of Super King and any change in our customer care policy will be made on our website only.

Report unrequested OTPs

Whenever you receive an OTP without your request then never share or use it. In that case, you should simply report it to the support team of Super King as they take the necessary step for the unrequested OTPs.

For any other concern regarding any type of issue you are not able to solve, please reach out to us on our platforms.