Superking FANTASY CRICKET How to Play

How to Play Step-by-Step

You need to follow these steps to play on the platform of Super King

Step 1: Register with us

Every user can register on Super King from their mobile number or with email id. If you already have an account, Use a registered mobile number or email id the text field as shown.

Step 2: Select a Match

Select any upcoming match to play from the fixtures and start it. If you want to view live matches then you can go to the live section. The result tab will give you details about recently completed matches and winner’s teams too.

Step 3: Create your Team

Now you can create your team on the platform of Super King by clicking on the button to make a team and follow the on-screen instructions as shown to create your Super King team.

Step 4: Select Wicket Keeper

Add wicket-keeper as your wish. The user is able to select 1 wicket-keeper from the available list.

Step 5: Select Batsman

Once the wicket-keeper is selected, Move to select 3 to 5 Batsmen from the list of your wish. A maximum of 5 Batsmen can be selected from the list only.

Step 6: Select All-Rounder

In the all-rounder section, you can select 1-3 players of your wish from the provided list and all players should not exceed the limit of 11 players.

Step 7: Select Bowlers

Select Bowlers from the provided list of Bowlers.

Step 8: Select captain and vice-captain

In this section, you can choose your captain and vice-captain .captain point is double whereas the vice-captain point is 1.5X

Step 9: Join Contest

After creating a team you can join the contest and paid or Free and you are done.

Step 10: Live Rank

Here you see your live rank competing with other players.