Superking FANTASY CRICKET Security For Superking

We have made the perfect security policies, rules, and guidelines to protect all the information to oppose the prohibited access, improper use, unauthorized modification, illegal destruction, or any type of loss.

Our whole team who do work related to your information has taken the pledge that to protect your information from any type of loss.

Our latest and high configuration computer applications or programs will secure and protect your data information against the illegal use by any prohibited access.

Accidental and unluckily circumstances may happen and so that, after taking all necessary safety measures still we cannot give still 100% guarantee of your complete data safety.

1. Collaboration and relocation

In case of any new changes related to collaboration with a third party, attach our assets to a third party, file for bankruptcy, relocate our assets to a third party, everything will share related to personal or other information will be share which you gave at the time when you were connected with us, to our all business partners as we have right to do this.

2. Safety for Minors

The super king stores your information which is provided by you. When a person submits his age regarding information that he is 18 years or above then only the super king will activate the services for that person as our services, not for minors. Our team will check and verify the information submitted by you and if they find the information is related to minors then our team will take the necessary steps to erase minor information from our records as we have the right to do this.

3. Achievements

All the achievements gained by you save securely by us and information about your gains will not share with anyone unless the information of your achievements is enquired by the law, as per rule, or any governmental authority.

4. Agreement

Super King has the authority to use of the information given by you as per our terms and conditions that after using our services through mobile apps, website, etc. your personal or other information used by us, by our team, and related teams.

You have to shop the playing chips from us if you are interested to play real earning games. And for this procedure Super King may use a third-party online payment process.

After committed to our privacy policy, it’s clear that you are agreeing to allow us to share your necessary information with a third party for online transactions as it’s a mandatory process. But we assure you that we will take the necessary steps to secure your privacy while dealing with a third party for online transactions.

To protect our terms and conditions our team can act a security review at any time to check the accuracy of your data information given by you and also check transactions and your use of the services with the objective.

We have the right to confirm your information provided by you to Super King and the right to share this information with our team, suppliers, and third party. This right will be applicable if you use our Website, Mobile App, and any other online platform related to us.

We have the right to contact you through calls and messages on the mobile which you have registered with your personal information given to us. And we assure you that your mobile number will not be used for any other communications by our team and the third party.

We have made the above Privacy Policy with some rules to help you to know that how and why we use, store as well as secure your information as long as providing you best skilled and entertaining games. Still, you are not able to understand our Privacy Policy, then we always ready to help you and our team will glad to solve your queries quickly. If you have any queries the send it to [email protected] by your registered mobile number to Super King.

The above privacy policy is a part of our Website Terms.