Superking FANTASY CRICKET Tips & Tricks

SuperKing Tips and Tricks that help you to create the best SuperKing Team. In this article, You will get SuperKing Fantasy Cricket Tips Such as Small League tips and Grand League Tips.

To succeed in SuperKing Fantasy Cricket, you will need 70% of hard work, and 30% of good luck. And Luck only works when you put on some hard work into it, and fortune won’t favor you otherwise.

Now we will look where we have to work hard, to create a best SuperKing Team follow the steps below:

  • Check the player’s recent form.
  • Research about the pitch condition.
  • Follow the toss details (Who will bat first/Bowl first). Select players according to pitch condition and toss detail.
  • Choose the best players as Captain and Vice-captain.
Players Recent form

If you want to create the best SuperKing Team and win money in Fantasy Cricket, then it is good to check the player’s recent form. Because It has seen, there is a high probability of playing a good inning of inform player than out of from player.

Coach and Captain are also given priority to a player whose current form is good.

Pitch Condition

We have to research about the pitch condition, about how the pitch will help the bowlers (Faster or spinner), or batsmen. Keeping that in mind, you have to make the team. If we don’t get any news about the pitch, research the ground history for the last 3-5 matches and predict accordingly.

Toss Details

After an update on the points system in SuperKing, Toss is crucial for creating the Fantasy Cricket Team.

After the toss, We have to know which team will bat first and which team will bowl first.

SA vs AFG SuperKing Team

lets I explain with an example: If the match is between South Africa and Afghanistan.

1st condition: South Africa Bowl first.

We know that Here, South Africa is a strong team, and Afghanistan is a weak team. So There is a high chance that African bowlers take more wickets. So pick more bowlers from the South African Team.

In the batting of Africa, there is also a high chance that African middle-order batsmen will not get enough time to bat because the Afghanistan team will not give a good target to chase. So it is best to pick top-order batsmen from the African side.

It is good to pick more batsmen or all-rounders than bowlers from the Afghanistan side. Because If the Afghanistan team didn’t give a good target to Africa, then there is a high chance that Africa’s wickets will not down.

In this case, South African bowlers are still important. Because there is a high chance that African bowlers will do all out to Afghanistan’s team.

Pick more batsmen from the South African team. Their players have high chances to score big.

After checking the Playing XI, We can also pick all-rounders in our team if good all-rounders are playing.

In this case, it is best to pick more bowlers than batsmen from the Afghanistan team because Afghanistan’s bowlers will take wickets of South Africa.

After watching the playing XI, update the team. And make sure all players are playing.

The proper strategy for choosing a good Captain and Vice-captain in SuperKing is essential for a successful Fantasy career. Captain and Vice-Captain are the crucial players for Fantasy Cricket teams. As the captain gets double the points, So it equals like the 12th man in your team while the Vice-captain gets 1.5X times the points scored.

Here, I will give you a few tips which will help in deciding the best choice for Captain and Vice-captain.

SuperKing Tips and Tricks:

Small League Tips and tricks for SuperKing:

Join the Small League/Contest with our best team.

It is best to join a Small league with just one team. Because if we enter different small contests by making more than one team, there is a lower chance of winning.

If we join a single small league with more than one team, then only one of our teams would win. And the entry fee of other teams would go waste.

The process of team building is the same as we have stated in the above points.

We have to make the best team after seeing the Pitch Condition, Average Score of ground, Toss Details, and Playing XI.

Small leagues of some teams, like 2,3,4,6,11 members, joined with the best teams.

Before selecting any player in the team, see his recent form and record then take him in the Fantasy Cricket Team. You can choose anyone in the grand league because when a flop player earns more points, chances of better rank increase.

Hence, We have to look for the Pitch conditions, Venue Stats, Toss Details, and Playing XI before making the team. Universal combination for the ideal team is 6-5 (6 players from the stronger side and five from the weak). Most of the fantasy players play with this combination.

Grand League tips and tricks for SuperKing:

Are you curious to know how to win the mega contest in SuperKing? If yes, then you are in the right place.

It is every Fantasy player’s dream of winning the mega contest in SuperKing Fantasy Cricket App. Here, I share few tips which help my friends and me to win grand league seven times in Fantasy Cricket.

The more you join Grand League with more and more teams, your chances of winning increase a lot mean to enter the mega contest with 11 teams.

Sometimes we should take a player in the team with lower selection percent, Because if he earns points, then our grand league winning chances will increase.

Usually, people choose opening batsmen as their Captain and Vc, but openers don’t score well in every match. For that, you can also make a one down or two down batsmen the Captain and Vc. If openers don’t score in that match and lower order scores more, then your winning chances will be increased.

It is not advisable to take openers in the team for every match. It is better to leave 1-2 openers. Because if an opener is in your team and gets out early, then it decreases your chances by 50% in the competition. Instead, it is preferable to take one-down batsman in the team. All of the world’s top batsmen play on that spot (Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, and Steve Smith). In most of the teams, they are the quality batsmen.

It sometimes happens that your Captain and Vice-captain score well. The other players of your team score well, But because of the bad performance of one player, You misses the win in the Grand League. For that, you can make more teams (3 teams recommended) with the same Captain and Vice-captain, with only changing one or two players in your line-up. In this scenario, if the Captain and Vice-captain fail, there is a chance of losing. But, if both of them perform, there is a higher chance of winning the Grand League.

Grand league missed by Captain and Vice-captain poor performance?

In another scenario, the line-up plays well, but the Captain or Vice-captain fails. For this scenario, we have to make more than one team (3 teams recommended) with the same XI but changing the Captain and Vice-captains. It would decrease the chances of choosing the wrong Captain and Vice-captain.

We have to select the best 10-players for our Dream Team, and the 11th player should be the one with a lower selection percent. Most of the people do that. We can also make that player the Captain or Vc. If the 11th player plays well and Captain or Vice-captain perform well, the chances of grand league winning increase. If that player doesn’t perform well, the Captain or Vc can fetch our entry fees back. By this trick, I have got 1st rank in the Grand League. In a Pakistan vs Sri Lanka match, Usman Khan was my captain, and Fakhar Zaman was the Vice-captain, the rest of the team was ordinary. But, ahead of making the best player as Captain, I select Usman Khan as Captain. In that match, The selection percent was very less (5% approx) of Usman Khan. He had taken 5-wickets. As a result, I won the GL.

While selecting the Captain or Vice-captain, check the player’s recent form and batting order. It is good to pick top orders batsman as captain or VC in small leagues.