Superking FANTASY CRICKET Withdraw Cash

How to draw out cash?

You can draw out the cash at any time by landing on the account page and click on withdraw cash.

You can feed the amount that you would like to withdraw.

You will see the limit of your withdrawal amount on the cash page and then you can choose the amount less than or equal to your balance.

You need ID verification to draw out the cash. You can upload the current copy of your ID proof to place a withdrawal cash request. Our team will verify your uploaded current copy of ID proof and section it. This deed can be done by yourself as an upload ID proof document from the profile section under my account page where you have already provided personal information regarding your ID too.

What is the minimum amount draw out at one time?

The minimum withdrawal of cash is ₹ 100/- at one time

What is the maximum amount draw out at one time?

You will see the limit of your withdrawal amount on the cash page and you can draw out all your money at any time. You have won the bonus money, whole balance in your account, and the amount you have used for playing cash games; all can be withdrawn at any time by you.

What are Deposit and Withdrawal Accounts and how is the balance calculated in both?

You will get the facility of two accounts on Super King, one is a Deposit account and the other is a withdrawal account. A deposit account will store the amount you have deposited but not played games related to cash yet. In other way withdrawal account store your cash won by you, and deposit amount you have used the games of cash. Whenever you play games of cash then the amount used to play cash games is credited to the withdrawal account.

The amount stored in both accounts is your total cash balance.

You can play cash games from any amount up to your total amount.

Here we have provided examples about both accounts:

Suppose your Deposit Account balance is ₹ 200 and your Withdrawal Account balance is ₹ 400 (total balance = ₹ 600). You make a deposit of ₹ 100 on Super King then this amount is credited to your Deposit Account. Now the total balance of your Deposit Account ₹ 300 (₹ 200 + ₹ 100) and your Withdrawal Account balance is ₹ 400. But your total balance will be ₹ 700.

When you play any cash contest

Here is the example of your winnings:

Suppose you play a cash contest with ₹ 200 and earn ₹ 400, thus your winning cash add in your Withdrawal account and ₹ 200 will be lessened from the deposit account as entry fees. Thus, the balance in the deposit account will ₹ 0 (as above the balance is ₹ 200 and used ₹ 200 then ₹ 200 – ₹ 200 =₹ 0). But your Withdrawal account balance will be ₹ 800 (as above the balance is ₹ 400 and your winnings ₹ 400 then ₹ 400 + ₹ 400 =₹ 800). Thus you will get the ₹ 800 as your total balance.

When you earn a bonus amount

You can ask a bonus amount of ₹ 100 which will be sent to your Withdrawal account and the balance will be ₹ 500 (as the above balance is 400 and the bonus is 100 then ₹ 400 + ₹ 100 =₹ 500) and the balance of the Deposit Account will be ₹ 200. You will get the total balance of ₹ 700.

You can check your Account Balances under My Accounts page.

Every transaction will be through an electronic payment facility.

Here are the terms related to electronic payment facilities:

You will necessarily give the bank account number and MICR code to process your draw outs by online payment facility. If you provide the other details with these like IFSC code, bank name, and branch then your draw outs will be faster. These details will be auto-filled.

Online payments are done except Sundays and bank holidays. You will get your withdrawal amount within the 1-3 days if you submitted the information of IFSC code, Bank Name, and Branch with your request. Otherwise, it takes 5-7 days for credit.

About the tax deductions details

Tax deductions may be applicable to your cash winnings as per the law. The tax deduction is 30% presently on the cash winnings more than ₹ 10,000.

The rate of tax deduction

As per law, tax deduction at source (TDS) may be applicable to your winnings. TDS is currently applicable at the rate of 30% on winning above ₹ 10,000 and the rate of TDS limits are to changes from time to time as per law.

Let understand by an example:

Suppose you play a contest with ₹ 100/- and win ₹ 12,000/- in the contest.

Since your net winning in that contest is ₹ 11,900/- (₹ 12,000/- minus ₹ 100/-) which is greater than ₹ 10,000/-, a TDS of 30% will be applicable of the winning amount (₹ 11,900/-) and will be deducted from the winning amount (₹ 12,000/-).

₹ 3,570/- (₹ 11,900 x 30%) will be deducted from your winning amount and your account will be credited with ₹ 8,430/- (₹ 12,000/- minus ₹ 3,570/-).

A TDS certificate will be provided to you in 3 months from the winning date, on your email address.

If you have an amount less than ₹ 100 and would like to withdraw, please send us an email on [email protected]